February 8, 2014

Update:  After having checked the weather all week, we ride SATURDAY.  I cant promise anything but it looks like we will have another beautiful day.  I still need a dedicated driver for the sag car.  We have a vehicle just no driver, so please let me know of anyone that might be able to follow us.  They get to keep any of the money left over after providing the gas, so I would imagine around $75-$100. 

The first stop will be Dowdell Knob which looks to be around 3 1/2 hrs into the ride, so keep that in mind when preparing for the day.  Also, there will not be any store stops, just the sag, so you must bring your own items.

I do want to thank everyone for another successful year.  

Date:  Saturday February 8th, 2014
Start:  Gordon Athletic Facility
Time:  9:00 am
Route:  Pine Mtn.
Distance:  125 miles
Sag/Store stop:  As usual we will have a sag vehicle for this ride but unlike times in the past we will not have any store stops. The first stop will be at the top of Pine Mtn. at Dowdell Knob.  The sag will be available along the route to offer assistance but there will only be two scheduled stops during the ride.  The second will be towards the end of the Cove Rd. section.  Whether you plan on using the sag or not, I do ask that you bring a minimum of $10 to help pay for gas and the time of the person driving.  With that, I do need a volunteer to drive the sag vehicle.  Please email me if you have anyone in mind.

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