November 16, 2013

Date:  11-16-2013
Time:  9:00 am
Start:  Mt.Zion Baptist Church (Rivoli Rd)
Route:   http://connect.garmin.com/course/4990822
Distance:  65 miles
Store Stop:  No
Pee Break:  Yes - 1 hour in
Attack Zone:  Mid-ride-  after turning right onto Crawford Rd. to RR crossing sign.  Approximately 2 miles then regroup at stop sign at Johnstonville Rd.

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Anonymous said...

A foggy mist filled the morning air and 20, hard-nosed zealots
met at the the church on the Mount--the one they call Zion. As the
light banter became suppressed by the cold, artic chill and the
engines hurtling ahead all any one could hear was pioneer-man Dale
yelling mush mush...the teeth were gritted and the roars were heard.
The first causality was soon gutted from the rear of the pack--tried
and true Dendy was never to be seen or heard from again. The beast
they call the crash monkey soon tried to thwart the 19, strong zealots
with a narly tailwind. A few more casualties were lost in the misty
blunder. Approaching hog mountain, a few, brave, strong zealots threw
caution to the wind and throttled on...a perfectly timed attack by Van
dusted the herd and quietly took his rank among those who have
conquered "the hog." He would later be awarded the liquid nectar of
pabst for his achievements. After seeking shelter and refuge from
"the hog..." the zealots hurtled onward into the blistering
headwinds...with each stroke, crept in more pain...Andy Tice belowed
"is this all you have..." The zealots climbed reedy and headed for
home...the pack of mad dogs flew down rivoli and charged for the line.
Gritted teeth and white knuckle fists gave way to cheers of adulation
for those brave few zealots which conquered the Peach.