Rules of the Nectar

These rides are a well structured program that start out in December at 3-4 hrs, increasing in January to 4-5 hours and running through February with 4-6 hour rides. The goal is to take riders that can barely complete the initial rides and prepare them for the 125 mile Pine Mountain Challenge around February. Not only will fitness be increased, but bike handling skills increased, bike knowledge expanded and many other opportunities.

All rides will take place at 9 am on Saturday morning and will alternate starting locations, (Mt. Zion Church on Rivoli in North Macon and Geico in East Macon) so be sure to check the website before joining the ride. The route, distance, and start location will be posted each week, along with other pertinent information such as store stops and attack zone locations.

The pace is intended to be a casual yet productive pace and we will usually end up with an average of around 18-20 mph. This doesn’t mean 10 mph in the beginning at 30 at the end; this is a steady effort downhill and uphill. If you are doing 25 mph downhill, please don’t try to do 25 mph uphill. I don’t expect everyone to pull, nor do I care if you pull; but if you plan on just sucking the air out of the tire in front of you all day, stay at the back and let the work horses work.  If you get dropped due to the pace, we will not wait. We will however regroup at the end of the attack zones which are usually before a store stop and the end of the ride.

We will do our best to accommodate any mechanicals and get back to the ride as quickly as possible.

DS Clause:
Completing these rides can make you the envy of your friends, but doing just this ride each week will not be beneficial.  If you want to get better, you must ride more than once a week. 

I will post a map every week with that weeks route.  The maps will be designed in order to give all pertinent information such as start location, store stop location, attack zone start and stop if applicable, and any known hazards.

We ride 2 abreast at all times unless otherwise prohibited. This doesn’t mean one on the white line and one on the yellow line, shoulder to shoulder. Stop signs and red lights are for us also, we will stop. If we get separated at a light, we will wait until all have regrouped. You must always wear your helmet. Golden Rule: NEVER ride over the yellow line! Common sense, right; apparently not, so please abide and bring this rule to your fellow training partners attention. ABSOLUTELY NO AERO BARS ALLOWED!!!!!!  It is the responsibility of the group to police ourselves. 

These are training rides, take the time to catch up with someone you usually don’t get to see face to face. Talk about cheap liquor and how great you are. These rides have been in existence since before the wheel was built, so I promise you can learn at least one thing during this three month battle with mother nature. But also understand, you are engaging in a dangerous activity and at your own risk.

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